Cindy Forde

Author, Activist, and Entrepreneur

“The response to our most urgent threat requires new forms of creativity and human imagination… We can only make a future from the depth of the truth we face now.”

― Ben Okri, Poet, Novelist

My work is dedicated to telling different kinds of stories to build a shared understanding of how to look after Earth and all her creatures.
This site gives an overview of what I do, none of which would be possible without an ecosystem of extraordinary people with whom it is my great good fortune to know and collaborate.


Bright New World

“Amid frightening news reports and gathering despair, this sumptuously illustrated nonfiction book for 8+ is filled with bold hope, a vision of a near future in which changed human habits, from eating to energy consumption, travel to architecture, have addressed the world’s most pressing problems. Beautiful and inspiring, it includes clear depictions of the perils facing the planet, but also how the solutions to each might be realised, alongside profiles of leading environmental innovators and young activists.”

The Guardian


“This is the great burden that now rests upon writers, artists, filmmakers, and everyone who is involved in the telling of stories: to us falls the task of imaginatively restoring agency and voice to non-humans. As with all the most important artistic endeavours in human history, this is a task that is at once aesthetic and political – and because of the magnitude of the crisis that besets the planet, it is now freighted with the most pressing moral urgency.” 

― Amitav Ghosh, Writer

I have the privilege of being represented by Marianne Gunn O’Connor, an incredible ally in my mission for change.
Marianne Gunn O’Connor Literary Film and TV Agency

I am working on a number of writing projects for children to help them understand how our planet works and how they can be part of creating a brighter world.

Some are fact, some fiction, some both and some in verse. Please watch this space as they surface.


“If your company /product / brand doesn’t help push back Earth Overshoot Day, it will be a future failure. Only businesses that are additive, regenerative and truly circular will be part of our future. So ask yourself – does my business #movethedate ? If not, just stop.”

― Sian Sutherland, Founder A Plastic Planet

For a world with a future, all businesses must be Earth centric by design and purpose. We can only solve our systemic crisis when our businesses are aligned to the Planetary Boundaries, Earth’s operating system.

I am the co-founder of two companies with a mission.

Planetari is an Earth led learning platform aligned to the planetary boundaries.
How will our children thrive in today’s ever-changing environment with yesterday’s knowledge and tools? Planetari creates schools, a curriculum and learning environments that transform education, equipping children to be the innovators and entrepreneurs of a brighter world.

Kando is an app that pays you to work for Earth.

Kando aims to mobilize 10 million people and fund over $200m worth of climate-related jobs, to drive vital systemic change within 3 years. To incentivize individuals to make personal, community, and global change.

Advisor, Speaker

“Be a good ancestor. Stand for something bigger than yourself. Add value to the Earth during your sojourn.”

― Marian Wright Edelman Founder,
Children’s Defense Fund

I am part of a global ecosystem of change makers and educators working for a kinder world and to help Earth regenerate. I contribute to this ecosystem through active campaigning on a range of issues and as an advisor, advocate or speaker. I hold several roles including:

Poldham Puckham Foundation


AimHi Earth


Linked IN’S Top Green Voices

Environmental Funder’s Network


Hawkwood Centre for Future Thinking

Curatorial Team

Blue Marine Foundation


L’Alliance Française Cambridge


She Changes Climate

Steering Committee

Stephen Perse Foundation


Life in brief

As children, we were routinely told to go outside to play and come back when we were hungry. Outside, meant the commons of South London, England or the rainforest land of Guyana, South America. Places where you knew real magic happened. Where things constantly changed, turned into even more beautiful things or died, then came back to life.

From a teenage environmental and anti-apartheid activist, I evolved into an inveterate traveller. While in Singapore, I accidentally got a job with a global advertising agency making up stories to make people buy things that they didn’t want or need. A salutary glimpse of frightening power.

Taking a Masters in Sustainable Development to reset, I then worked with businesses, governments and NGOs on sustainability. Often, this felt like sticking plasters on disasters and begged the question always, “With different stories of Earth as children, would we knowingly destroy or would we create?”

My own daughter was born in Borneo. Watching what the pitcher plant had caught or who was coming out of that cocoon were her daily excitements -only marginally less thrilling than discovering that termites were eating the house!

Nature is our boss and our teacher. My learning from life is that it is vital to our survival as a human family that the stories we tell, the businesses we build, how we live, holds this at heart.

Cindy is an author, and co-founder of two Earth centric companies: Planetari, an education platform aligned with the planetary boundaries that equips children be the innovators of a better world, and Kando, an app that pays you to work for Earth. Her children’s book ‘Bright New World’ was published by Welbeck in October 2022. Formerly MD of the Blue Marine Foundation and CEO of Cambridge Science Centre, she has an MSc in Sustainability and Business Practice and is an award winning creative. She holds numerous board and advisory roles including for She Changes Climate for full inclusion of women’s voices on planetary issues.

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