Bright New World

Bright New World is a lavishly illustrated glimpse into a future not too far from our own time – a world in which today’s children have grown up and tackled the world’s most pressing social and environmental problems. In a series of lush, detailed scenes, readers will enter a world of solar-powered vehicles, regenerated rainforests, skyscraper farms, insect-based snacks, recovering coral reefs, wave-powered electricity, and much more. Bright New World’s vision may be bold and optimistic, but everything in the book is based on genuine science, including many projects which are currently being developed. Once readers have seen the possible bright future, they will also learn all about the perils facing the Earth, as well as the solutions to each problem, with practical steps that they can take to help save the planet and make the dream a reality. As well as profiling the biggest names in eco-innovation today, readers will learn about today’s young inventors, entrepreneurs and activists who are making the world better, one step at a time. Bright New World is the blueprint for how to fix the future – and it shows how all the solutions are within our grasp, if we really want them. 


“Beautiful and inspiring” 

― Guardian

“Magical, this makes me wish I were a child again, as I can see the world does have a bright future” 

― Arizona Muse, model, activist, founder of DIRT

“As Naomi Klein once said: “The more sparks the fire has, the brighter it will burn. I invite you to add your spark.” This is exactly what this beautiful book is about: inspiring children and their families to build a better world for the people and the planet. Cindy Forde gives us all the keys and solutions for an exciting future of justice, equality and sustainability in which no one is left behind. With marvellous illustrations from Bethany Lord, this is a call to action and a real message of hope: we can do it all together, we have the power to make change” 

― Princess Esmeralda of Belgium, author, activist, journalist

“Imagine you’re young. That you care passionately about the natural world and its people. Then imagine that all you ever see are stories about the destruction of that world, of pollution, of disappearing species, of worsening climate change. Eco-angst spreads like a disempowering poison. And then imagine that this horizon could be filled with stories of hope, of courageous campaigners, of a world protected, restored and loved – for young and old alike. Welcome to Bright New World – a marvellously inspirational reimagining of a better future from Cindy Forde and Bethany Lord” 

― Jonathon Porritt, CBE, author, campaigner, founder of Forum for the Future

“A joyous abundance of a book with hope dripping off the page. I’d like every young person to have it and every older person to have the recipe for this cocktail of delight at their fingertips!” 

― Sir Tim Smit, author, co-founder of the Eden Project

“The future could be wildly different. It needs to be for our planet to be restored to health. Cindy Forde and Bethany Lord’s inspirational Bright New World shows young people that a wilder, better future is closer than we think – in fact it is within their generation’s grasp

Charles Clover, author, co-founder of the Blue Marine Foundation
‘Children hold the answer to protecting our planet. They are born with love, compassion, and a profound understanding of our interconnectedness. They don’t see racial boundaries, social or economic differences but society teaches them those things. And then we lose our connectivity to the planet. This book shows the Bright New World we can have to restore, regenerate and truly care for the planet with hope and love” 

― Antoinette Vermilye, founder of the Gallifrey Foundation

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